View More: Kuzmich  is a delivery service, which offers a range of tasty things that go with beer, such as smoked meats, sausages, fish, etc. Design by Shamil Karim & Kristina Udovichenko.

Ok so I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. 

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I love these conceptually tight editorial designs, with its one bright spot colour.

Wow, check out the dark imaginings of Yoann-Lossel, with gold leaf and graphite. 

Welcome to the freaky, psychedelic inspired work of Mestre Fungo


mestre fungo

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Shit, while I’m blabbing on about Katsuhiro Otomo, he actually DOES have  a son!! (See my previous post to know what I’m talking about.) Here’s Shohei Otomo, the badass master of the ballpoint pen.

Lately I’ve really been into Japanese art, specifically Manga related artists. This one is Katsuhiro Otomo, better known for this work for AKIRA. Did you know what the Manga version of Akira spans over 8 years for work? Crazy son. 


Here’s a small drawing I contributed to Daniel Zender’s Hydrochloric #3.  The zine includes many other great artists, including Jun Cen (shown in spread above).

Taiyo Matsumoto